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Led to the photographic goods and more

Oregon Coast

April 26-28 2019 at Cape Kiwanda_$1095

Enjoy Spring Break on the Oregon Coast.  Cape Kiwanda, in Pacific City, is a unique jewell conducive for stunning photography.  The natural sandstone and abundant sand dunes reflect the light much better than other areas along the Oregon Coast making this area a image makers paradise.

Columbia River Gorge

June 10-15 2019 (tentatively planned) in the Columbia River Gorge_$1895

Due to the recent fire in the Gorge, this workshop is unfortunately on hold until it can be determined where we will be able to go.  The photo ops are still there - perhaps even more so - but access to hiking trails and a lot of the waterfalls are presently closed.

Backpacking in the Wallowas

July 23-26 2019  Backcountry Photography Trip in the Picturesque Eaglecap Wilderness_$1895

Spend a week during the peak of summer in the Eaglecap Wilderness chasing wild light and epic views.  This will be a backpacking style trip, so you'll have to have own backpacking gear along with some experience for this one, but it'll be worth it!

We'll concentrate our focus on the Lake Basin area.  There are plenty of alpine lakes and tairns offering ample opportunities for reflections as well as alpine wildflowers and plenty of mountain scenery.

Guided to the Goods in Oregon

Pre scouted locales to ensure that you get your dream images

Oregon Photo Adventure will be offering several guided workshops in 2017.  Unique and custom catered photographic workshops with instruction. Our days often begin early and end late.  Down time will be spent traveling and processing images.  We will eat, breath, and sleep all things photography, all things Oregon, and all things Adventure during our time together.

Contact: dan@dansherwood.com

To book your workshop, please PayPal your deposit to dan@dansherwood.com

If you don't use PayPal, contact me for where to send a cashiers check.

DSLR Video Production

September 13-15 2019 in Portland, Oregon_$1195

Join John Morgan, the videographer and editor behind Oregon Photo Adventure as we spend several days covering how to do pre-production and planning, directing, hosting, video interviews, and post production editing techniques.  We'll base out of Portland, so we will be time to take in the city

Gorgeous Cape Kiwanda

September 27-29 2019_Cape Kiwanda_$1095

Enjoy the last gasp of summer on the Oregon Coast after the kids have gone back to school and the summer crowds are a recent memory.

Private Photo Tours

As Scheduled

Rates are $500 per person per day

Group up with your friends for a discount:

$350 per person per day for two people.

$300 per person per day for three people or more.

Book a one on one or as a small group with your friends.  This experience will be custom catered to YOUR needs.  Not only will you be led to award winning photo opportunities, you will receive top notch mentoring in all things location photography, post processing, and the business of photography with endless talk about the photographic industry.

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